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Kayak Cross World Champion 2023

Kimberley Woods

Canoe Slalom athlete funded by UK Sport and The National Lottery since 2011.

66 International Medals from Junior, U23 and Seniors.

2023 Kayak Cross World Champion

World Number 1

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Finalist


Mental Health

I first opened up about my mental health journey in August 2020. The projects and talks that I have done since have bene rewarding knowing I have helped someone in their own journey. Click HERE to hear more.


Real Talk

I like to keep it real! An open book about my opinions on my body image, mental health, real life athlete problems! I share this through social media, TikTok and also through my youtube with vlogs of my training and competition.



For those who are new here, canoe slalom is a fun, adrenaline packed sport, where an athlete makes their way down a white water course navigating through a combination of green and red gates. If you hit one its a 2 second penalty and if you miss one its 50 seconds! The fastest time wins!

My Story


A Little Bit About Me

Hello, I'm Kimberley Woods, a canoe slalom athlete originally from Rugby, now residing near the Lee Valley White Water Centre. As I prepare for my second appearance at the Paris Olympics, my journey in canoe slalom has been marked by dedication, perseverance, and a pursuit of excellence. Achieving the title of World Champion in kayak cross in 2023 and securing the top spot as World Number 1 fuel my ambition as I step onto the Olympic stage once again.

Representing my country in both the K1 and Kayak Cross categories, I am not only striving for personal success but also contributing to the collective spirit and pride of my nation. The Olympic journey is a celebration of years of hard work, sacrifices, and the unwavering support of my team and supporters.

Beyond my athletic endeavors, I am committed to inspiring the next generation of athletes. Sports shape individuals both physically and mentally, fostering qualities crucial in every aspect of life. My experiences in canoe slalom have taught valuable life lessons, and I am passionate about sharing them to encourage young talents to pursue their dreams.

I also recognize the importance of mental health in competitive sports. I am transparent about my own mental health journey, hoping to break down stigmas and encourage those struggling to seek help. If my story can inspire or provide comfort, then that is a triumph beyond any medal. Let's prioritize both physical and mental well-being, fostering a community where individuals can openly discuss their mental health, break down barriers, and find the support they need to thrive.

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